Thursday, November 17, 2011


The teaser trailer of my next short film. It will be co-directed by the uber talented Fabian Molina who also happened to make the art for the poster. We are super excited about it and hope to have it infect festivals somewhere next year.

"Ventura" collaborative

My friend Steven Rice created a book called " Ventura " which gathered some of Puerto Rico's top artist and writers to be part of this "Exquisite Corpse". I was fortunate to be part of this awesome book. Im the last illustration of the book ( yeah, that weird fucking one ). Sorry but it is in Spanish, so I think is a good time to clean the dust off that Rosetta Stone you've had in your closet for 6 years saying to yourself that you would eventually use it. Your not lying to me...your lying to yourself.

This is the rough version of my illustration: