Monday, January 31, 2011

The Chronicles of Berto... the second book

Just recently, I friend of mine brought me copies of an educational comic book i did for FUNDACION MAPFRE to promote street safety called " Berto ". Thank you so much Yamil Medina and Saudi Morales and Lauren Kvalheim for all your help. Dont' drink and drive, kids.


Sonia said...

I wish Berto had subtitles!! But the drawings are awesome! Sense of humor + Draftsmanship = comicbook awesomeness!

Rosaura said...


these dialogues are particularly crazy...
robot berto? the symbol for safety used by a villan that wants caos? sounds very familiar.

like police (symbol of safety) used for oppression.

you are a poet, a conscious poet guillermo, the unintentional poet.

Luis Jefté said...

Saludos, me gustaría saber en qué año se publicó el primer número de Berto y si el Berto #2 se publicó impreso (¿aún se puede conseguir?). Gracias.